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Strength And Conditioning Tips For Volleyball

By DMorgan
Created 07/20/2007 - 10:30pm


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Four Person Pepper


Warm up/Conditioning drill.


A warm up drill that we like to use is a 4 person pepper:


The drill requires 4 people and a ball. The team on one side of the net tosses the ball to the passer in the back (run this drill is in front of the 3 meter line.). The passer passes to the partner in front, partner sets and the passer tips the ball over the block to the awaiting passer.

The people on the other side run the same drill; in the mean time the team that just tipped the ball over switch places so the setter would become the passer and the passer the setter and blocker. I like to run the drill for about 4-5 minutes. Its good conditioning, and helps to work on ball control.


Submitted By: Scott W. Symons

Mushpot Conditioning


Develops quick twitch muscle memory to your legs for defense and diving indoors, as well as eye/body control.


Explanation: Coach stands under the net in the middle of the court with a bunch of volleyballs. One player stands in the middle of the court, while the rest of the team stands on the perimeter of the court shagging balls.

While the coach rolls balls toward the outside of the court, it is the player's responsibility to stop the ball before it reaches the outside of the court. Once he dives or stops the ball, you roll another one toward a different direction. Forcing them to change directions quickly and training their muscles to react quickly to the ball.

You can line your players up around most of the court, so that the player in the middle must be prepared to move in any direction. Also, with two coaches under the net on either side, the team can be split in half and players won't stand around as long.

This is a great drill to have players react to a ball using the speed as opposed to misreading or "guessing" where the opponent will put the ball.

Play hard!


Submitted By: Steven Ijams

Beginning Basics of Conditioning


Volleyball exercises to build strength.


There are many different ways to condition a body cardiovascularly-any type of which is better than nothing at all. Here are a few that apply to the quickness that volleyball demands.










Submitted By: Coach G

Beginning Basics of Weightlifting


Volleyball specific weight exercises.


There are many different exercises which can be used to enhance muscle strength and indurance for volleyball. These are just a few basic suggestions for the main muscles used in the sport.

For beginners 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions is suggested with enough weight so that the last lift of each set is extremely difficult to complete. Remember to consult your parents and coaches before attempting any of these exercises to see what they recommend you do.


  1. Triceps: Rope extensions [0] or triceps curls [0].
  2. Shoulders: Military press [0], upright rows [0], dumbbell lift to the side and back.
  3. Forearms: Curls, both for the top [0] and bottom [0] side of your forearm.
  4. Low back: Roman chair.
  5. Legs: Squats [0], lunges [0], power cleans [0].
  6. Calves: Calf raises [0], either individually or together.
  7. Abs: Crunches [0], bicycle-there are many different ways to choose from.

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