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How to check of wood floor

By chenchen12495
Created 10/24/2017 - 3:36am

wood floor and solid wood add up floor to install the working procedure of the respect to agree basically in the shop.sale composite sheeting malaysia [1] Current, the more current method on the market is the outfit of suspension type shop.

1, basic level processing

Spreading the 1st pace that install floor board to work is basic level processing.wpc transcend composite decking [2] Basic level processing basically is aimed at the grounded, wet, sunken, protruding, cracking questions undertake, have repair to issue area, form new grass-roots unit, avoid to cause the arch since the floor because of the strike of air of original basic level and chap.

2, make level ground

After becoming good grass-roots unit, need has make level to the ground. If the the earth's surface is rough whole, not only can bring about the line that plabase to have crack, the integral floor also is met rough whole,white vinyl split rail fence price [3] and have abnormal knocking, affect floor quality badly still.

Construction of smooth make level of do apleases is current the technology of more advanced construction of face cultivate land on the market, it can make sure the discretion inside limits of every two square meter differs original floor not to exceed millimeter.tech wood and top deck materials [4] In construction, the worker mixed variety of material a kind of liquid state with water, after entering its the area, material of this kind of liquid state can flow according to the rugged take advantage of an opportunity of the ground, have automatic make level to the ground, very wash-and-wear dry, the ground after solidify can for smooth, level off, without seamed new grass-roots unit.

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